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Public Art Consultation

We work with organizations on public art calls in order to increase MST artist representation. We liaise between organization, artist and Nation to create positive outcomes for every stakeholder in an atmosphere of mutual respect and engagement. 

Decolonial Dialogues

Each of HOST's co-founders brings a critical lens and perspective that reflect their careers and lived experience as MST women working in the world of public art; we bring these perspectives to bear in consultation services designed to decolonize your business or organization. We provide insights on policy, outreach approaches, and how to respectfully build relationships with the Lower Mainland's Host Nations. 

Project Management

HOST provides project management for major public art projects, overseeing projects from start to finish and developing a vision in collaboration with MST artists. Contact us to create a new vision for MST art in the Lower Mainland.


We offer presentations, workshops, panels and group facilitation related to issues of decolonization, how to build relationships with MST communities, Indigenous representation, and Indigenous Feminisms. 

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